The Formal Gamer Podcast

Hello Everyone,

In this little segment, I want to talk about another podcasting group who gave us a Plug into one of their episodes. Their name is “The Formal Gamer”. I reached out to these guys on my own to share my interest in their work. We ended up talking for a bit and in the end, he said that he would plug us into their next podcast which released yesterday.

Formal Gamer is a DnD actual play podcast from the UK who deal in high adventure, unique characters and a bit of humor.

As of the date of this post, they have made it to their 8th season of DnD. Looking at this, we feel quite inspired to make this podcast the very best that it can be!

We’re Live!

After months of setting up and getting technical issues straightened out, We’ve finally been able to put up our podcast on iTunes and Google Play Podcasts! The podcasts are free to listen too and we encourage you to write back some of your feedback! While we enjoy the games that Julian and Ryan put up, we want to make sure you guys as listeners are having fun as well.

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Art illustrated by Tyler Jacobson

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